A closet for ladies and gentlewomen

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: none
Publisher: Green, Charles   Person page
Printer: Hodgkinson, Richard   Person page
Title: A closet for ladies and gentlewomen. Or, The art of preserving, conserving, and candying. VVith the manner how to make divers kindes of sirups, and all kinde of banqueting stuffes. Also divers soveraigne medicines and salves for sundry diseases.
Short Title: A closet for ladies and gentlewomen
Imprint: London : printed by R.H. for Charles Greene, 1647.
Date: 1647
First Edition: n
Pages: 192
Format: 12
Genre: recipe
Topic: remedies, multiple
Topic: food
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London
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