A closet for ladies and gentlewomen

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: none
Printer: W., R.   Person page
Title: A closet for ladies and gentlewomen, or, The art of preserving, conserving, and candying. With the manner how to make divers kindes of syrups, and all kinds of banqueting-stuff; also divers soveraigne-medicines and salves. Corrected, amended, and much enlarged, by adding a very useful table thereunto.
Short Title: A closet for ladies and gentlewomen
Imprint: London : printed by R.W., 1654.
Date: 1654
First Edition: n
Pages: 190
Format: 12
Genre: recipe
Topic: remedies, multiple
Topic: food
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London
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