A directory for midwives

Author: Culpeper, Nicholas Person page
Author Occupation: gentleman
Author Occupation: physician
Author Occupation: astrologer or astronomer
Printer: Cole, Peter   Person page
Printer: Cole, Edward   Person page
Title: A directory for midwives: or, a guide for women, in their conception. Bearing, and suckling their children. Containing 1. The anatomy of the vessels of generation, 2. The formation of the child in the womb. 3. What hinders conception, and its remedies, 4. What farthers conception. 5. A guide for women in conception. 6. Of miscarriage in women. 7. A guide for women in their labor. 8. A guide for women in their lying-in. 9. Of nursing children. See the directions in the epistle to the reader. Now are added, five brass figures, and explanations of them, at page 54. never printed before. By Nich. Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick and astrology.
Short Title: A directory for midwives
Imprint: London : printed by Peter Cole, and Edward Cole printers and book-sellers, at the Printing-press in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange, 1660.
Date: 1660
First Edition: n
Pages: 193
Format: 8
Genre: midwifery manual
Topic: midwifery
Topic: reproduction
Place of: Printer    Place: Printing-Press in Cornhil, neer the Royal Exchange, London
ESTC: http://estc.bl.uk/R171644