A new method of Rosie Crucian physick

Author: Heydon, John Person page
Author Occupation: clergyman
Publisher: Lock, Thomas   Person page
Title: A new method of Rosie Crucian physick: wherein is shewed the cause; and therewith their experienced medicines for the cure of all diseases, theoparadota; freely given to the inspired Christians, by T⁻on aggel⁻on presbytaton, ton archaggelon, logon, arch⁻on, onom the⁻o. And in obedience fitted for the understanding of mean capacities by the adorer, and the most unworthy of their love, John Heydon, a servant of God, and secretary of nature.
Short Title: A new method of Rosie Crucian physick
Imprint: London : printed for Thomas Lock, 1658.
Date: 1658
First Edition: y
Pages: 72
Format: 4
Topic: astrology
Topic: chemical
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London
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