Aristoteles Master-piece, or, The secrets of generation...

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Publisher: How, J.   Person page
Title: Aristoteles master-piece, or The secrets of generation displayed in all the parts thereof. Containing, 1. The signs of barrenness. 2. The way of getting a boy or girl. 3. Of the likeness of children to parents. 4. Of the infusion of the soul into the infant. 5. Of monstrous births, and the reasons thereof. 6. Of the benefit of marriage to both sexes. 7. The prejudice of unequal matches. 8. The discovery of insufficiency. 9. The cause and cure of the green-sickness. 10. A discourse of maiden-heads. 11. How a midwife ought to be qualified. 12. Directions and cautions to midwifes. 13. Of the privities. 14. The fabrick of the womb. 15. The use and action of the genitals. 16. Signs of conception, and whether of a male or female. 17. To discover false conceptions. 18. Instructions for women with child. 19. For preventing miscarriage. 20. For women in child-bed. 21. Of ordering new-born infants, and many other very useful particulars. To which is added a word of advice to both sexes in the act of copulation: and the pictures of several monsterous births drawn to the life. Entered according to order.
Short Title: Aristoteles Master-piece, or, The secrets of generation...
Imprint: London : printed for J. How, and are to be sold next door to the Anchor Tavern in Sweetings Rents in Cornhill, 1684.
Date: 1684
First Edition: v
Pages: 206
Format: 12
Genre: midwifery manual
Topic: reproduction
Place of: Bookseller    Place: next door to the Anchor Tavern in Sweethings-Rents in Cornhil, London