Culpeper’s last legacy

Author: Culpeper, Nicholas Person page
Author Occupation: astrologer or astronomer
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Brook, Nathaniel   Person page
Title: Culpeper’s last legacy: left and bequeathed to his dearest wife, for the publick good, being the choicest and most profitable of those secrets which while he lived were lockt up in his breast, and resolved never to be publisht till after his death. Containing sundry admirable experiences in several sciences, more especially in chyrurgery and physick. viz. compounding of medicines, making of waters, syrups, oyles, electuaries, conserves, salts, pills, purges, and trochischs. With two particular treatises; the one of feavers, the other of pestilence; as also other rare and choice aphorisms, fitted to the understanding of the meanest capacities. Never publisht before in any of his other works. By Nicholas Culpeper, late student in astrology and physick.
Short Title: Culpeper’s last legacy
Imprint: London : printed for N. Brook at the Angel in Cornhill, 1662.
Date: 1662
First Edition: n
Pages: 316
Format: 8
Genre: general medical guide
Topic: surgery
Topic: anatomy
Topic: remedies, multiple
Place of: Publisher    Place: the Angel [in Popes-head-Alley] in Cornhill [near the Royal Exchange], London
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London