Culpeper’s school of physick

Author: Culpeper, Nicholas Person page
Author Occupation: astrologer or astronomer
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Bentley, R.   Person page
Publisher: Philips, J.   Person page
Publisher: Rhodes, Henry   Person page
Title: Culpeper’s school of physick, or, the experimental practice of the whole art. Wherein are contain’d, I. The English apothecary: or, the excellent virtues of our English herbs. II. Chymical and physical aphorisms and admirable secrets. III. The chirurgeon’s guide: or, the errors of unskilful practitioners corrected. IV. The expert lapidary: or, a treatise physical of the secret virtues of stones. V. Doctor diet’s directory: or, the physician’s vade mecum; being safe rules to preserve health in a methodical way. As also, the mystery of the skill of physick made easie. VI. Chymical institutions; describing nature’s choicest secrets in experienced chymical practice. A work very useful and necessary for the right information of all in physick, chirugery, and chymistry, &c. By Nicholas Culpeper, late student in physick and astrology. With an account of the author’s life, and the testimony of his wife, Mrs. Culpeper, and others.
Short Title: Culpeper’s school of physick
Imprint: London : printed for R. Bently in Russel-street, Covent-Garden; J. Phillips at the King’s-Arms in St. Paul’s Church-Yard; H. Rhodes at the Star the Corner of Bride-Lane in Fleet-street; and J. Taylor at the Ship in St. Paul’s Church Yard, 1696.
Date: 1696
First Edition: n
Pages: 374
Format: 8
Genre: general medical guide
Topic: surgery
Topic: astrology
Topic: remedies, multiple
Place of: Publisher    Place: Russel-street, [near the Piazza’s of] Covent-Garden, London
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