...Panacæa aurea purpurea...

Author: B., E. Person page
Author Occupation: none
Printer: Coe, Andrew   Person page
Title: Egxeiridion thv iatrikhv. Enchiridion medicinæ. Sive, triplex munus physicum. I. Panacæa aurea purpurea. Or, a most noble panacea or universal medicine, very powerful, effectual, safely and pleasantly curing most maladies, distempers and diseases (inward and outward) incident to men, women and children, respect being duely had; and observed in the taking of it, to the quality of the disease; it’s cause, original malignity and radication with a regulation of the dose, and a continuance of the taking being also accordingly ordered. II. Quintessentia salis aromatica. Or, a most excellent aromatic oyl, or quintessente of salt, very highly impregnated, or tinged, philosophically united with the true and pure essences of the much odoriferous and cordial of vegitables; ... III. Balsamus viro sive guttæ cordiales cordiales & restaurativæ ...
Short Title: ...Panacæa aurea purpurea...
Imprint: London : printed by A[ndrew]. Coe over against the ... in Grate street, 1662.
Date: 1662
First Edition: y
Pages: 24
Format: 4
Genre: advert
Topic: chemical
Topic: remedy, single
Place of: Printer    Place: Grate street, London
ESTC: http://estc.bl.uk/R172629