Elixir salutis: the choise drink of health

Author: Daffy, Anthony Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Daffy, Anthony   Person page
Printer: Godbid, William   Person page
Title: Elixir salutis: the choise drink of health or, health=bringing drink. Being a famous cordial drink, found out by the Almighty, and (for nigh twenty years,) experienced by my self and divers persons (whose names are at most of their desires here inserted) a most excellent preservative of man-kind. A secret farr beyond any medicament yet known, and is found so agreeable to nature, that it effects all its operations, as Nature would have it, and as a virtual expedient proposed by her, for reducing all her extreams untp an equal Temper; the same being fitted unto all ages, sexes, complexions, and constitutions, and highly fortifying nature against any noxious humour, invading or offending the noble parts. Never published by any but by me Anthony Dafft, student in Physick.
Short Title: Elixir salutis: the choise drink of health
Imprint: London : printed with allowance, for the author, by W.G., 1674.
Date: 1674
First Edition: n
Pages: 8
Format: 4
Genre: advert
Topic: remedy, single
Place of: Publisher    Place: Anthony Daffy's house in Prujean's Court, by the Sugar-Loaf in the Old Bailey, nigh Ludgate Hill, London
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London
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