Every man his own doctor. In two parts

Author: Archer, John Person page
Author Occupation: royal practitioner
Author Occupation: physician
Author Occupation: alchemist or chemist
Publisher: Archer, John   Person page
Printer: Lillicrap, Peter   Person page
Title: Every man his own doctor. In two parts. Shewing I. How every one may know his own constitution and complection, by certain signs. Also the nature and faculties of all food as well meats, as drinks. Whereby every man and woman may understand what is good or hurtful to them. Treating also of air, passions of mind, exercise or body, sleep, venery and tobacco, &c. The second part shews the full knowledge and cure of the pox, and running of the reins, gout, dropsie, scurvy, consumptions, and obstructions, agues. Shewing their causes and signs, and what danger any are in, little or much, and perfect cure with small cost and no danger of reputation. Written by John Archer chymical physitian in ordinary to the King.
Short Title: Every man his own doctor. In two parts
Imprint: London : printed by Peter Lillicrap for the authour, and are to be sold by most booksellers, 1671.
Date: 1671
First Edition: y
Pages: 160
Format: 8
Genre: other
Topic: astrology
Topic: disease, causes of
Topic: food
Topic: regimen
Topic: remedy, single
Topic: venereal disease
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London
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