...the seynge of urynes...

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: none
Printer: Middleton, William   Person page
Title: Here begynneth the seynge of urynes of all the couloures that urynes be of, with the medycines annexed to euery uryne, [and] euery uryne his urynal much profitable for euery man to knowe.
Short Title: ...the seynge of urynes...
Imprint: Imprynted at London : In fletestrete, at the sygne of the George, nexte to Saynt Dunstones churche by Wyllyam Myddylton., In the yere of our Lorde. M.CCCCC.XLIIII. The. xx. day of Decembre.
Date: 1544
First Edition: n
Pages: 96
Format: 8
Genre: urine
Topic: signs, bodily
Place of: Printer    Place: Fletestrete at the Signe of the George nere to saynt Dunstones churche, London
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