... Gouernayle of helthe

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: none
Printer: Caxton, William   Person page
Title: In this tretyse that is cleped Gouernayle of helthe: what is to be sayd wyth crystis helpe of some thynges that longen to bodily helthe,...
Short Title: ... Gouernayle of helthe
Imprint: [Westminster : William Caxton, 1490?]
Date: 1490
First Edition: y
Pages: 36
Original Language: Latin
Format: 4
Genre: regimen
Topic: regimen
Place of: Printer    Place: Westminster, London
EEBO: http://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&res_id=xri:eebo&rft_id=xri:eebo:image:10418
ESTC: http://estc.bl.uk/S109870