Ireland cur’d of all distempers

Author: Baldwin, D. Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Baldwin, D.   Person page
Printer: Millet, Jonathan   Person page
Title: Ireland cur’d of all distempers; being the English physitians advice to the protestant officers and soldiers, required in this present expedition for Ireland, for the prevention, also the speedy cure, of that epidemical Irish distemper, the bloody-flux. With a physical discription of the nature of that climate, and the causes of the distempers incident to those person who are not natives of that kingdom. Very proper and useful for all gentlemen and others, whose affairs call them into that island. By D. Baldwin physitian, and of many years practice in the city o Dublin.
Short Title: Ireland cur’d of all distempers
Imprint: [London] : Printed by J[ohn]. Millet, for the author, 1690.
Date: 1690
First Edition: v
Pages: 1
Format: 2
Topic: disease control
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