Mellificium chirurgiæ: Or, The marrow of chirurgery

Author: Cooke, James Person page
Author Occupation: surgeon
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Marshall, William   Person page
Book Seller: Phillips, Joshua   Person page
Title: Mellificium chirurgiæ: or, the marrow of chirurgery. With the anatomy of human bodies according to the most modern anatomists; illustrated with many anatomical observations. Institutions of physick, with Hippocrates’s Aphorisms largely commented upon. The marrow of physick shewing the causes, signs and cures of most diseases incident to human bodies. Choice experienced receits for the cure of several distempers. The fourth edition, enlarged, with many additions. Illustrated in its several parts with twelve copper cuts. By James Cooke of Warwick, practitioner in physick and chirurgery. Revised, corrected and purged from many faults that escaped in the former editions, by reason of the authors great distance from the press; by Tho. Gibson, M.D. and fellow of the Colledg of Physicians, London. Licensed by the Colledg of Physicians.
Short Title: Mellificium chirurgiæ: Or, The marrow of chirurgery
Imprint: London : printed for W[illiam] M[arshall] and sold by Joshua Phillips at the Seven Stars in St. Paul’s Church-yard, MDCXCIII. [1693]
Date: 1693
First Edition: n
Pages: 656
Format: 4
Genre: surgical guide
Topic: body parts
Topic: disease, causes of
Topic: remedies, multiple
Topic: surgery
Place of: Bookseller    Place: the Seven Stars in St. Paul’s Church-yard, London
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