Pharmacopoea Belgica

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Farnham, Edward   Person page
Publisher: Horne, Robert   Person page
Printer: Cotes, Ellen   Person page
Title: Pharmacopoea Belgica; or, the Dutch dispensatory, revised and confirmed by the Colledge of Physitians at Amsterdam. Wherein is described, I. The vertues, qualities, and properties of every simple. II. The vertues and use of compounds. III. Directions and cautions in giving all medicines. Whereunto is added, The compleat herbalist: being a physicall discourse of all common herbs and fruits, shewing their natures, vertues, and qualities, as they are frequently used in medicines; together with many excellent receipt, wherby every one (by Gods help) may preserve himself Rendred into English for the benefit of our nation.
Short Title: Pharmacopoea Belgica
Imprint: London : printed by E[llen]. C[otes]. for Edw. Farnham, in Popes-head Alley, and Robert Horn, at the Turks head in Cornhill, 1659.
Date: 1659
First Edition: y
Pages: 416
Original Language: Latin
Format: 8
Genre: dispensatory
Topic: plant
Topic: remedies, multiple
Place of: Publisher    Place: Popes-head-Alley [neer Cornhill], London
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London