Pharmacopœia Bateana, in English...

Author: Bate, George Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Smith, Samuel   Person page
Publisher: Walford, Benjamin   Person page
Title: Pharmacopœia Bateana, in English: or, Dr. Bate’s dispensatory enlarged. Translated from the second edition of the Latin copy, published by Mr. James Shipton. Containing above a thousand choice and select recipe’s, their names, compositions, preparations, vertues, uses, an doses, as they are applicable to the whole practice of physick and chyrurgery: the Arcana Goddardiana, and their recipe’s intersperst in their proper places, which are almost all wanting in the Latin copy. Compleated with above five hundred chymical processes; and their explications at large, various observations thereon, and a rationale upon each process. To which are added, in this English edition, Goddard’s drops, Russel’s pouder, and the emplastrum febrifugum: those so much fam’d in the world; as also, several other preparations from the Collectanea chymica, and other good authors. By William Salmon, professor of physick.
Short Title: Pharmacopœia Bateana, in English...
Imprint: London : printed for Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, at the Prince’s Arms, in St. Paul’s Church-yard, 1694.
Date: 1694
First Edition: v
Original Language: Latin
Format: 8
Genre: dispensatory
Topic: remedies, multiple
Place of: Publisher    Place: the Prince’s Arms in St. Paul’s Church-yard, London