Preservatives against the plague...

Author: Herring, Francis Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Pierrepont, Thomas   Person page
Title: Preservatives against the plague, or, Directions & advertisements for this time of pestilential contagion· With certain instructions for the poorer sort of people when they shall be visited: and also a caveat to those that were about their necks impoisoned amulets as a preservative against that sickness. Published in the behoofe of the city of London; now visited, and all other parts of the land, that may or shall hereafter be visited. By Francis Herring Dr. in physick.
Short Title: Preservatives against the plague...
Imprint: London : printed for Tho. Pierrepont at the Sun in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1665.
Date: 1665
First Edition: n
Pages: 22
Format: 4
Genre: plague tract
Topic: plague
Topic: disease control
Topic: disease, single
Place of: Publisher    Place: the Sun in St. Pauls Church-yard, London
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London