The compleat servant-maid

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: none
Publisher: Passinger, Thomas   Person page
Title: The compleat servant-maid; or, the young maidens tutor, directing them how they may fit, and qualifie themselves for any of these employments. Viz. Waiting-woman, house-keeper, chamber-maid, cook-maid, under-cook-maid, nursery-maid, dairy-maid, laundry-maid, house-maid, scullery-maid. Whereunto is added a supplement containing the choicest receipts, and rarest secrets in physick and chirurgery. Composed for the great benefit and advantage of all young maidens.
Short Title: The compleat servant-maid
Imprint: London : printed for Tho. Passinger, at the Three Bibles on London-Bridge, 1685.
Date: 1685
First Edition: n
Pages: 180
Format: 12
Genre: recipe
Topic: remedies, multiple
Topic: food
Place of: Publisher    Place: the three Bibles [and Star] on London-Bridge, London