The iudycyall of vryns

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Author Occupation: physician
Printer: Treveris, Peter   Person page
Title: The iudycyall of vryns: consyderynge that it is expedyent for euery man to know the operation and qualites of his body, and to know in what state and condicyon his body standeth in, whiche can not be knowen so well as by the vryne in consyderation wherof this worke is collected and gadered out of ye sente[n]cyals sayngis of al auctours of phisike, to the entent that euery man myght brefly come to the knolage of ye p[re]misses, whiche sayd worke is diuided into. iii. seuerall bokes, where of the fyrst boke declareth pryncypaly howe vryn is gendered in mans body, [and] of his qualites with all ye hole workyng of nature in ma[n]nes body. The second boke treateth of colours in vryn, [and] what they signifye. The thyrde boke treateth of co[n]tens in vryn [and] what they signifye, [and] suche sekenesses as they signifye is there declared, [and] also ther cause [and] qualities wt many thynges moo, touchyng the seyens of phisike, as brefly doth apere in a tabull, in the latter ende of this boke.
Short Title: The iudycyall of vryns
Imprint: [Southwark : printed by Peter Treveris, 1527?]
Date: 1527
First Edition: v
Pages: 134
Format: 2
Genre: urine
Topic: signs, bodily
Place of: Printer    Place: Southwark, London