The Queens closet opened

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: royal practitioner
Author Occupation: physician
Publisher: Dring, Peter   Person page
Title: The Queens closet opened. Incomparable secrets in physick, chyrurgery, preserving and candying, &c. Which were presented unto the Queen, by the most experienced persons of the times, many whereof were had in esteem, when she pleased to descend to private recreations. Corrected and reviewed, with many additions: together with three exact tables.
Short Title: The Queens closet opened
Imprint: London : printed for Peter Dring, and are to be sold at the Sun in the Poultry, next door to the Rose Tavern, 1661.
Date: 1661
First Edition: n
Pages: 336
Format: 12
Genre: recipe
Topic: beauty and cosmetic
Topic: food
Topic: remedies, multiple
Place of: Bookseller    Place: the Sun in the Poultrey [next door to the Rose Tavern], London
Place of: Printer    Place: [unspecified], London