The secrets of Albertus Magnus

Author: [author not specified] Person page
Author Occupation: clergyman
Author Occupation: physician
Book Seller: Wright, John   Person page
Book Seller: Clarke, John   Person page
Book Seller: Thackeray, William   Person page
Title: The secrets of Albertus Magnus: of the vertues of herbs, stones, and certain beasts. Wherunto is newly added, a short discourse of the seven planets, governing the nativities of children. Also a book of the same author, of the marvellous things of the world, and of certain things, caused of certain beasts.
Short Title: The secrets of Albertus Magnus
Imprint: London : printed by M.H. and J.M. and are to be sold by J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, & T. Passinger, [1681-1684]
Date: 1682
First Edition: n
Pages: 126
Original Language: Latin
Format: 8
Genre: secrets
Topic: secrets
Topic: astrology
Topic: plant
Place of: Bookseller    Place: [unspecified], London