The vanities of philosophy & physick

Author: Harvey, Gideon Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Author Occupation: royal practitioner
Publisher: Roper, Abel   Person page
Publisher: Basset, R.   Person page
Title: The vanities of philosophy & physick: together with directions and medicines easily prepar’d by any of the least skill, whereby to preserve health, and prolong life, as well in those that live regularly, as others that live irregularly. Comprizing moreover hypotheses different from those of the schools throughout almost the whole art of physick, and particularly relating to indigestion, and other diseases of the stomach, fevers, consumption, stone, gravel, suppression of urine, apoplexy, palsie, madness, diseases of the eyes, and others: with variety of medicines, and rules whereby to make particular choice out of them. The whole being a work very useful to all, but especially to those that have any relation to the art of physick. By Gideon Harvey, M.D. The King’s physician to the Tower.
Short Title: The vanities of philosophy & physick
Imprint: London : printed for A. Roper at the Black Boy, and R. Basset over against the King’s Head, both in Fleetstreet, 1699.
Date: 1699
First Edition: v
Pages: 192
Format: 8
Topic: remedies, multiple
Topic: body parts
Topic: disease, causes of
Topic: mental health
Place of: Publisher    Place: the Black Boy [over against S. Dunstans Church] in Fleet-Street, London