Bartholinus anatomy

Author: Bartholin, Thomas Person page
Author Occupation: physician
Author Occupation: anatomist
Translator: Cole, Abdiah   Person page
Translator: Culpeper, Nicholas   Person page
Printer: Streater, John   Person page
Title: Bartholinus anatomy; made from the precepts of his father, and from the observations of all modern anatomists, together with his own. With one hundred fifty and three figures cut in brass, much larger and better than any have been heretofore printed in English. In four books and four manuals, answering to the said books. Book I. Of the lower belly. Book II. Of the middle venter or cavity. Book III. Of the uppermost cavities, viz. The head. Book IV. Of the limbs. The four manuals answering to the four foregoing books. Manual I. Of the veins, answering to the firs book of the lower belly. Manual II. Of the arteries, answering to the second book of the middle cavity or chest. Manual III. Of the nerves, answering to the third book of the head. Manual IV. Of the bones, answering to the fourth book of the limbs. Als [sic] two epistles of the circulation of the blood. Published by Nich. Culpeper gent. and, Abdiah Cole doctor of physick.
Short Title: Bartholinus anatomy
Imprint: London : printed by John Streater living in Clerken-well-Close, 1668.
Date: 1668
First Edition: n
Pages: 258
Original Language: Latin
Format: 2
Genre: anatomical treatise
Topic: anatomy
Place of: Printer    Place: Clerken-well-Close, London
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